Date a girl who writes

Date a girl who writes because she will savour every moment you’re together, never asking for more, never asking for less.

Date a girl who writes because she’ll appreciate silences because she’s thinking of the perfect words to describe at moment, whether she’s mounted you, she’s holding your hand or she’s cuddling you.

Date a girl who writes because she knows that nothing lasts forever and this too shalt pass, so she won’t expect you to make empty promises or declarations of undying love.

 Date a girl who write because she won’t lie to you and say “I love you” if she doesn’t mean it because words are important and precious to her just like you are.

Date a girl who writes because she will fall in love with your imperfections, she writes about these imperfections when she makes up characters and chances are when she met you, she analyzed every inch of you like you were another one of her characters.

Date a girl who writes because she won’t be afraid to tell you the truth about how she feels no matter how insecure she is inside, she will take the time to type out a 6 page text message to tell you what you mean to her and how you make her feel even though you’ve only known each other for 2 weeks because to her, her stories are written in a few short days, so this relationships probably feels like its lasted a long time.

Date a girl who writes because she can’t stop writing and she over analyses every situation.

Date a girl who writes because you never have to think hard about what to get her, you just have to go into a book store and get her poetry and she’ll love you for it.

She’s the girl who would absent-mindedly stare outside the window for most of the time while you’re relating to her what you feel is one turning point in your life and when she does this, you would sometimes get a strong desire to pound on her and tell her to pay attention. Don’t be hurt by her seemingly lack of attention or interest. Don’t worry. She’s one master of multi-tasking. I tell you, you would be surprised when all of a sudden, she would turn to you, remark on what you’ve said with words that hold the deepest sense of meaning and you would further be amazed at how she would matter-of-factly tell you how your smile became somewhat crooked at one point of your story or how a single crease of line crossed your forehead at another point. Now, who’s not paying attention, huh? Do not ever, not even for a second be deceived that she’s not paying attention when she appears like her mind is elsewhere but with you. During those times, her mind is actually in full gear and she would surprise you that she can take account of your story in toto with the right details, including the life dilemma of the old man on the other table across yours which she just heard in passing while listening to yours.

Find time to read her works even those which are written on the side of her textbooks if you happen to come across with them and you would realize her great sensitivity and the special way she looks at life with a certain degree of passion.

Yes, give her some gifts, you cannot do away with it, but don’t give her just the item or the thing. Give her the story and the words and the emotions behind these gifts. Present to her a bouquet of inexpensive flowers and her blush would be priceless because you bought it with her in mind and knowing that the money you spent will be used by a 10-year old kid to buy a new pair of blue slippers to replace the ones with holes on both of the soles. Give her the stories and the gifts of words, the dramas, and the funny anecdotes and you would surely move a mile deeper into her heart.

If you find a girl who writes, don’t be daunted by her seeming complexity. Keep her close. When you receive a call at 2 o’clock am and you realize that it’s her voice on the other line asking you about a certain word which is already at the tip of her tongue but she couldn’t seem to gather her thoughts completely because she just woke up due to a strong need to put to writing an idea that passed her mind while in the middle of her slumber. Don’t tell her to go back to sleep. Help her think of the right word, noting that her voice is enough to erase your irritation of being woken up and is stronger than a cup of coffee in keeping you wide awake. Who knows, she might be using you as the hero in the short story that she is currently brewing up or better yet, she is in fact writing about a vision of your life together.

You will start to write letters, the real kind, in long hand and expect to see it several years after—-yellowed pages and dog-eared, evidences of having been read for several times. You would start reading Keats and memorize some of her own original poems, reading it to her on a warm night and wonder how you ever thought before that reading poems nowadays is too gooey , when it’s the most romantic and natural thing for you to do.

Date a girl who writes. She’s hard to find because she’s the one who stands in the corner of the room watching other people from a distance. She’s the one who searches their faces and watches their body language. She stands close enough that she can hear but far enough away so that she won’t be seen. She’s a master at invisibility, and all the smart girls know she’s the best at eavesdropping. They go to her for the gossip. She knows who is in love with who just by watching them. don’t lie to her because she knows. she can see it in your eyes, hear it in your voice, sense it in your energy field. she pays attention to every detail of your every word and if you’re not careful, she’ll ask the question that strips your lie away and you’ll be humiliated. so tell the damn truth. She could never tell you what was wrong with her mouth because her soul is in her hands. she’ll play along. she’ll write the wedding invitations, and the baby announcements, and stories for your children. she’ll write you letters in your lunch every day and put sweet sensual notes on your pillow in the evenings. if you love a girl who writes, there’s a piece of you embedded in every hero, and a piece of herself in every heroine. you can sleep at night knowing that even after you both die, you’ll both continue to live together in everyone else’s minds through her books and stories, and you can live a thousand nights in stories that never end.

If she starts talking, pay much attention. You may not figure out some words coming from her mouth, might be a riddle, idiomatic expressions or double meaning words. Keep in mind that she’s a deep person. Listen to every word that comes out of her, you may not know that she has began telling you a story that talks about her love to you.

Find a girl who writes. You’ll know that she has a sense of humor, a sense of empathy and kindness, and that she will dream up worlds, universes for you. She’s the one with the faintest of shadows underneath her eyelids, the one who smells of coffee and Coca-cola and jasmine green tea. She’s the quiet girl with her music turned up loud (or impossibly quiet), separating the two of you by an ocean of crescendos and decrescendos as she’s thinking of the perfect words.

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